Saturday, 1 June 2013

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Mehndi For Hair Biogarphy


In general - the darker the starting color, the subtler the result will be. For a very rough guideline you may think in terms of:

- Gray -> fiery red (but only with good quality henna)
- Blonde -> red
- Light brown -> red to light auburn
- Medium brown -> auburn
- Dark brown -> reddish brown, more pronounced in the sun
- Very dark brown to black -> no color change but red highlights in the sun

Henna can also never make your hair lighter - only add pigment to your existing color. There is no chance for you to be fiery red with henna if your starting color is a dark brown.

Your mix. Pure henna will always provide red, and only red, pigment. There is no such thing as black, golden or brown henna - but by adding other ingredients to the mix you can push the color towards more red, subtler red, more brown or more golden. If your base is henna though, you'll always have some level of red in there - please don't think you can go pure blonde, or brown with henna - it's simply not possible!

Mehndi For Hair Photos Pictures Pics Images

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